Affordable Data Management For All Your Needs.

implified Data Tracking, Inc (SDT) offers software for data
management for a variety of needs at an affordable price.  Our
products are currently focused on software dedicated to the
management of research laboratories.  Our future goal is to bring
solutions, such as running logs, and customizable databases to
follow your favorite recipes and even your wine cellar, that facilitate
the management and tracking of simple daily tasks.
                                    Our Products

Our first database solution, Mouse Colony, has been designed by
a scientist with first-hand knowledge of the difficulties of keeping
track of genetically modified mouse strains.

LN2 Freezer Manager.  
Freezer Manager is a liquid nitrogen
freezer tracking application that puts at your finger tips not only the
location of the stocks for a particular cell line, but also shows the
status and locations of other batches of the same stocks.  You
can also track the genetic profile of a particular stock and to store
the method for its characterization.  

We are currently developing database solutions for managing,
bacterial storage freezers, plasmid constructs, and PCR primers.

We offer customization of our products or to develop a solution
tailored to your needs:
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Simplified Data Tracking, Inc.