The Mouse Colony program was developed to minimize
the time spent managing knockout/transgenic colonies.  
Using Mouse Colony will significantly decrease the time
wasted entering data on Excel spreadsheets and will
eliminate the waste of resources produced by
mismanaging animals. Your one-time investment in Mouse
Colony will provide you with complete control over animal
tracking, for the price a lab pays for a month's supply of
any consumable such as chemicals or antibodies.

     LN2 Freezer Manager.  Freezer Manager is
    a liquid nitrogen freezer tracking application
    that puts at your finger tips not only the
    location of the stocks for a particular cell line,
    but also shows the status and locations of
    other batches of the same stocks.
    You can also track the genetic profile of a particular
    stock and to store the method for its
We offer customization of Mouse Colony to the individual
needs of investigators, Universities/Companies or Mouse
Facilities. Please contact us for a free estimate.
If you have any inquiries, please feel free to
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